The Villas at Stillwater Homeowners Association Events

Here is a schedule for the monthly Stillwater 3 get-togethers:

October 19 (3rd Thursday) Halloween
November 16 (3rd Thursday) Thanksgiving
December 14 (2nd Thursday) Christmas
January 18 (3rd Thursday) Snowflakes?
February 15 (3rd Thursday) Valentines Day or Mardi Gras
March 15 (3rd Thursday) St. Patrick's Day
April 12 (2nd Thursday) Easter is April 1st

Please bring a food item to share. We start at 4:00 PM.
We will sell tickets for a drawing for a gift card or 50/50.

The HOA will be starting the process of sod replacement in the very near future.

The current sod has improved over the summer months due to multiple fungicide applications, fertilizer applications, rain from mother nature, and improved water pressure in the delivery of irrigating water from the Englewood Water District. Conditions are now appropriate to determine what needs to be replaced and lay new sod. The areas that will be concentrated on at this time are mainly the boulevards.

There are multiple steps to the sod replacement:

First the existing turf is cut out with both a small sod cutter machine and manually with shovels to remove the old sod and prepare the grade. The area is then raked to prep the area.

Sod is put down within a few days of the prep.

Irrigation will be checked for proper coverage and the watering timers will be set in these areas to a schedule promoting proper growth. This watering schedule is typical for abut 30 days and once it is determined that the sod has begun to root the water schedule will change and watering will be reduced.

The new sod will not be mowed until well rooted.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for appropriate conditions to work on the sod.

Beth Hanson, HOA Board of Directors~Landscape Liaison
Ernie Campbell, BrightView Landscape
James Ro, SunVast Management

Stillwater 3 HOA thinks it is a perfect time for our residents to review revised pool safety rules so that you and your family can enjoy the long awaited summer. Please remember that no child under the age of 16 can be in the pool area alone. Adult supervision is required. There is no lifeguard on duty. Please obey the pool rules. Violators will be subject to a fine.     

  • Pool for residents only. Homeowner must be present with the guests.
  • 16 years of age and younger must be supervised by adult
  • Hours are dawn to dusk
  • Shower before entering pool
  • No pets
  • No glass containers
  • No diving
  • The pool area is designated tobacco free. For the health of all residents smoking is not allowed.
  • PLEASE clean up after yourself and make sure lights are off and doors locked at the clubhouse.