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 Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements


 Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements - Amendment


 General Policies


Resolution of Compliance and Penalty Process



Architecture Guidelines


Hurricane Shutter Specifications

Trellis Guideline Proposal By Acc

Request For Oak Tree Removal/Transfer Approval

Approved Installation of Ventilation Panels in Garage Door


The board will only approve the fully retractable garage screen door. Screen doors may be allowed only when the unit owner is actively working in the garage. It may not be pulled down over a closed garage door and not left down overnight. Also, you will need an architectural change request approval prior to installing garage screen doors.


Garage Screen Doors

Front Yard Curbing

Front Yard Curbing - must be approved with Architecture Approval form. All curbing must be one piece solid and cemented and professionally installed and neutral in color to reflect the current installations.

No patio bricks or other materials  installed by home owners will be allowed.  



Other Documents


AE-1000 user manual (entry gate)


Stillwater Map


Home and Neighborhood Security


Alligator Brochure


2018 Financial Review

2017 Financial Review

2016 Review of Financials


2018 Stillwater Budget


Building Color Code

Paint Color Schemes





Architectural Approval Form


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Access Gate Operating Procedure


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