Landscaping, grass and watering issues

As most of you are aware the community is now 10+ years old. As it ages the potential for major replacements for not just landscaping but the water fountain, pipes, trees, roofs, gate etc. Landscaping seems to be one of those major replacement projects that is an on-going issue. We, as the Landscape Committee would like you all to know that we are working on all the landscaping problems. These issues cannot all be done in one season, two seasons or even three seasons. It is a time-consuming effort and we are working as quickly as possible to address all the issues. The dying plants and grass, because of lack of water, is a major project to be addressed. The existing watering system is 10+ years old and I believe was not installed properly or the most inexpensive materials were used, is part of the issue. In any case, most areas need to be dug up, looked at, tested and if needed be replaced. They all cannot be done at once unless everyone would like a one-time assessment, which would be a last resort. Therefore, I emphasize patience as key. Patience is going to have to be foremost on your minds. We all need to be patient. It may appear that nothing is getting done, I want to assure you that it is.

The Landscaping Committee (and others) spent many hours and a lot of foot work to establish an approved selection of plants and bushes that are acceptable. Planting new plants that are not going to be properly watered before the system on your individual Villa has been checked, is not effective nor financially sound.

The attached list is for the front and side of the Villas. The back of your Lanai is less restrictive, but you still need to obtain approval, indicating what type of plant(s) or bushes requested. The reason behind this is we can’t have invasive, deep rooted or large bushes and trees that grow out of control, etc. The list of approved plants for the front and side of Villas is in the Club House. I am asking James to attach that list (with pictures) with this letter and to post the approved list on the Stillwater website. 

Landscaping Committee

plants 1

plants 2