Personal and Guests Access Operation

Dear Stillwater3 HOA Owners,

As of today, January 15, 2018, we have replaced the gate entry system. 

Personal Access Operation:

KEY Operation: On the KEY PAD, individual presses the homeowner’s 6 Digit Code. eg: “234567”. The gate will open. The entry system no longer has a key button, so you do not need to press key + 6 digit codes to open the gate. 

Guests Operation:

On the KEY PAD, guest presses the # icon and homeowner’s 3 digit assigned code. Ie. “# 234”. Key Pad will indicate: “dialing”. Homeowner’s telephone will ring. Homeowner presses the number 9 on her telephone. The gate will open.

Hope this help,

James Ro
Sunvast Properties, Inc.